Opportunities Tailored
for Affiliate Publishers

We allocate investments of up to $1,500,000 into your business growth.

Investment Opportunities Tailored
for Affiliate Publishers

Germany-based global venture fund with entrepreneurship at heart

Mitgo Ventures operates as a division within the Mitgo Group, focusing on investing in affiliate publishers. Our aim is to fortify the core CPA-business model, ensuring sustained growth for your business.
  • 15
    years of expertise in affiliate marketing
  • 20+
    venture deals
  • 40+
    startups built in our Startup Studio
  • 5
“We are experts in business growth, monetisation and new business models.

Dive into our expertise and experience, based on the vast knowledge of different publishers and startups and how to scale them intelligently. Take advantage and make x10 with us”
Max Volokhoff
CEO Mitgo Ventures

Minimum requirements to get started

Earn $1000+ monthly
(over the last 3 months)

Your project should have an active sales pipeline

Collaborate with an affiliate network

Your project should follow an affiliate business model
Your project should generate revenue in either of these two locations

Operate in either the US or Europe

Up to $1,500,000 from an investment fund

We're enthusiastic about investing in talented Affiliate Publishers who are currently engaged with Affiliate Networks or are open to working on the CPA model.

Spend the money on

The terms of collaboration are tailored to each project and discussed individually

Team development and expansion
Attracting new customers
Testing new advertising channels

Getting Investments: A Step-by-Step Guide

Complete the application form (takes 1 minute)
Negotiate investment terms and secure funding
Successfully undergo the interview with an investment manager

Our Investment Portfolio

We have invested in 18 projects over 7 years
We passionately share our knowledge.
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